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PLC Profibus eBook Courseware | Siemens S7315 PLCs

Model Name: PLC Profibus eBook Courseware for Siemens S7315 PLCs

Model Number: E40804

Learning Topics

  • Profibus System Functions
  • Network Operation
  • PC Stations
  • Profibus-DP Network Construction
  • Network Configuration
  • Data Exchange

The PLC Profibus eBook Courseware for Siemens S7315 PLCs adds to the Siemens S7300 Troubleshooting Learning System to teach industrial communication networks and data exchange using the Profibus-DP network. Profibus is a high-speed industrial network for use with Siemens PLC’s. The Profibus network provides real-time control required by automated production lines and process control systems, as well as providing services necessary to communicate with other departments within the manufacturing facility. (References 89-DP-S7300)

What is an Industrial Network?

An industrial network is a high-speed communications connection used to exhange data between production line equipment (i.e. PLCs, robots, drives) and other devices (i.e. PCs in other departments) within a manufacturing facility. Connecting production line equipment with other departments allows the equipment to be controlled or monitored by the other departments. For examples, sales data can be used to input the quantity of parts to make to a PLC, or an output from a PLC can inform the shipping department that a part is available to ship.

PLC Profibus eBook Courseware for Siemens S7315 PLCs Allows Online Access to Curriculum!

Amatrol’s eBooks look like a real book and allow users to flip between pages with ease. Enhanced with features such as keyword searches and zoom controls that enable a user to quickly locate and view information, these eBooks are a fantastic learning tool. Amatrol’s eBooks are available online and can be used by anyone with access to Amatrol’s Learning Management System (LMS). Optionally, if you chose to use your own LMS, these eBooks are SCORM compatible to allow smooth integration into your current training system. Combined with our already extensive library of interactive multimedia titles, which are also SCORM compatible, users can now complete their entire course work online!

Key Features

  • Strong Depth and Breadth of Content
  • Built for Self-Paced Learning
  • Easy, Quick Navigation
  • Searchable Course Content

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