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Flexible Workstation (5 ft.) | Heavy-Duty, Mobile Workstation

Model Name: Flexible Workstation (5 ft.)

Model Number: 88-200

Amatrol’s Flexible Workstation (5 ft.) provides a heavy-duty, mobile workstation. It is constructed of welded tube steel and a perforated steel top. The perforated work surface enables fixtures and tooling to be quickly attached and removed, allowing multiple groups to share the workstation. It is capable of supporting industrial quality robots, feeders, fixtures, and other accessories.

The Flexible Workstation (5 ft.) has a complete system of optional accessories to maximize the use of the workspace. Options available include off-table mounting of the computer and controllers and utilities distribution module for mounting of compressed air and electrical utilities.

The 88-200 Flexible Workstation can be linked to other 88-200 series workstations to create multi-workstation applications such as FMS cells involving CNC machine tools. The 88-207 Quick Release Connectors make connection of 88-200 series workstations a quick and easy task.

Key Features

  • Welded Tube Steel Construction
  • Imperial Dimensions: 34-in H x 32-in W x 60-in L
  • Universal Work surface for mounting robots, CNC machine tools, and tooling

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