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Looking for a new, interesting technical education career opportunity, where learning new things is a way of life? Tired of searching for the gold nugget amongst so much sand? Take a closer look at Amatrol to discover what you never thought existed in the working world.

Our customers are in the business of changing and improving people’s lives through technical training and education. Teachers at high schools, college instructors, university professors and industry trainers all share a common goal – helping people learn new skills that they will use to make their own lives better. Technical education and training challenges are broad: a high school student headed to engineering or the workforce, a college student expanding their technical skills, someone already employed who needs to upgrade or change their skills. The business of making a difference demands unique and talented people.

Developing, producing and marketing learning systems to reach across so many technical learning needs is a challenge. We combine talents and skills from a number of disciplines in virtually all of our technical education career opportunities. We distinguish ourselves through our ability to create interesting, interactive learning materials that build and reinforce technical skills and knowledge.

Our employees apply and grow skills in a number of key areas, including information technology, engineering, writing, graphic design, machining, marketing, accounting, sales and a host of technical specialties such as programmable controllers, thermal science, motor control, fluid power, etc.

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