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Walla Walla CC wins The Aspen Prize, cites Amatrol as “paramount equipment”

Jeffersonville, Ind. – Amatrol, the world’s leader in skills-based, interactive technical learning, congratulates Walla Walla Community College (WWCC) on their recent selection as a co-winner of the 2013 Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence. Amatrol proudly supports WWCC as a key learning partner in their Energy Systems Technology program.

The Aspen Prize recognizes, “institutions for outstanding achievement in four areas: student learning outcomes, degree completion, labor market success in securing good jobs after college, and facilitating minority and low-income student success.”

The Aspen Institute reviewed 1200 community colleges and invited 100 of them to apply for the award. Following several on-site visits throughout the country, The Aspen Institute selected WWCC as a co-winner of this prestigious award and cited Walla Walla’s Energy Systems Technology program, which prominently utilizes Amatrol equipment and curriculum, as a prime example of what the Institute looks for in a successful program. WWCC’s program features three main clusters: wind turbine, electrical, and HVAC. WWCC electrical/energy systems technology instructor, Brian Evensen, discussed the success of the program on Aspen’s televised event:

“We’ve invested heavily in… Amatrol motor control equipment and mechanical drives trainers, and this is all paramount equipment. It’s a necessity. You can’t train a hands-on workforce with a textbook. You have to put their hands on the equipment. We treat it very much like a job.”

Amatrol products utilized by WWCC include the Motor Control series (85-MT5), Industrial Mechanical Trainer series, including Mechanical Drives (950-ME), Rigging (950-RG), Utility Scale Wind Power trainers (950-TEH, TGC, & TNC), Electrical Systems (T7017), and Basic Hydraulics (85-BH).

Evensen continued, “What our students are earning fresh out of college is typically $42 to $48 thousand dollars a year and we have about an 85% placement rating when you take into account all clusters.”


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