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University Learning Programs | Preparing Tomorrow’s Engineers and Scientists

Leading edge technology to extend engineering learning

Learners going on to advanced study at a university want and need the best educational challenges possible. Amatrol offers a full range of learning systems to allow University Learning Programs to push the boundaries of learning for their students. Automated systems, including mechatronics, flexible manufacturing and computer integrated manufacturing, demonstrate the breadth and depth of Amatrol’s commitment to pushing the envelope in university teaching.

In preparing tomorrow’s engineers and scientists, universities are challenged to teach all the basic technical knowledge required while also enabling students and faculty to go well beyond this into research and knowledge advancement. Universities are challenged to teach students about the interaction of complex technical systems, a reality of modern business.

In addition to a wide array of systems in all of the basic engineering disciplines, Amatrol has particular expertise in process control, mechatronics, electronic drives, and computer integrated manufacturing. Our learning systems help universities to expand and explore new frontiers.

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