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Project-Based Technology 1: MASTERING Level 1 Learning Systems


Project-Based Technology 1: MASTERING Level 1 Learning Systems

July 9 – July 13, 2018

Equipment Used:

  • 96-ADE1 AC/DC Electrical 1
  • 96-PNE1 Pneumatics 1
  • 96-CNC1D CNC Machines 1
  • 96-HYD1 Hydraulics 1
  • 96-ECS1 Electrical Control 1
  • 96-ELF1 Electrical Fabrication 1
  • 96-MT1 Materials Technology 1
  • 96-MES1 Measurement Tools 1
  • 96-ROB1A Robotics 1
  • 96-MPF1 Mechanical Fabrication 1
  • 96-MEC1 Mechanical Systems 1
  • 96-ES1 Enterprise Systems 1
  • 96-IGM1 ITC Instructor’s Package, Level 1

Instructor’s Course Overview: Successful project-based technology instructors need experience in three aspects of the program:

  • The technology taught by the learning systems
  • How to structure and manage multiple technologies in one classroom.
  • How to implement projects

The course design enables instructors to gain the knowledge on the first two: learning systems technology and class structure / management skills.

Project-Based Technology 1: Mastering Level 1 Learning Systems features hands-on familiarization with the learning systems making up the core (first level) of Amatrol’s project-based programs including Pre-Engineering, Technology Design, Manufacturing, and the Virtual Lab. The course includes learning about the equipment or virtual trainers, print-based curriculum, interactive multimedia curriculum, and SkillACE® classroom management software. Special emphasis will be placed on the syllabus and teacher’s delivery of the program. Attendees will learn through a combination of individualized, hands-on learning technology units and group instruction of course management.

Pre-Requisites: Familiarity with computer application software and employed as a high school teacher, administrator, or counselor.

Course Length: 32 Hours

CLOSED: Class is Full

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