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Mechatronics Training 1

Mechatronics Training 1

June 13 – June 17, 2022

Equipment Used:

Instructor’s Course Overview: This course is for college, industry, vocational, and university level instructors who plan to teach courses that combine multiple technologies such as Mechatronics, CIM, Advanced PLCs, or Industrial Maintenance. The course features hands-on familiarization with Amatrol’s 870 Series Mechatronics Learning System using both AB CompactLogix and Siemens S7 PLCs. Students will work with multiple stations individually and collectively to produce an actual industrial product through processes performed on dedicated manufacturing stations.

The course covers a wide array of applications across mechanical, electrical, fluid power, electronics and software technologies.

These applications include variable speed motor control, programmable-controllers, ultrasonic measurement, constant speed motors, electronic sensors, stepper motors, fiber optics, DC motors and robotics. Students are required to perform several industrial oriented tasks that lead to the successful production of an industrial product.


One of the following:

Or completion of one of the following from a prior year:

Course Length: 32 Hours

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