Mechanical Drives 1| Amatrol Summer Training

Date: July 10 – July 14, 2023

Location: College of Lake County (Waukegan, IL)

Equipment Used:

Instructor’s Course Overview: This course is for college, industry, vocational, and university level instructors who teach basic concepts and skills in mechanical drives. Instructors with no background in this field or a desire to become familiar with Amatrol’s curriculum for this level will benefit the most from this course. It features hands-on familiarization with Amatrol’s Mechanical Drives Learning Systems Level 1 and Level 2 and interactive multimedia curriculum. Some areas of Amatrol’s Mechanical Drives 3 and 4 (Model 97-ME3) are also discussed.

Students will study basic principles of mechanical systems, component operation, system design, component installation and adjustment, troubleshooting, maintenance, and applications. Components include: fractional horsepower and heavy duty style components, 3 types of bushings, 7 types of couplings, single and multiple belt drives, single and multiple chain drives, silent chains, synchronous and HTD belt drives, spur gear drives, manual lubrication, plain bearings, roller bearings, seals, and gearboxes. Students will learn how to perform shaft alignment using various techniques. Attendees will learn through a combination of individualized, hands-on learning with mechanical trainers and group instruction of concepts and principles.

Pre-Requisites: None

Course Length: 32 Hours

CLOSED - Class is Full

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