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Industry 4.0 Smart Factory Instructor’s Training


Industry 4.0 Smart Factory Instructor’s Training

August 6 – August 10, 2018

Equipment Used:

  • 870-S715 Mechatronics – Siemens S7-1500
  • 87-MS1-7, 9 Mechatronics Carts
  • 87-MS1A Mobile Workstation – Smart Factory Communications
  • 87-BR2S715 Mechatronics Barcode – Siemens S7-1500
  • 87-FTSS715 Mechatronics Troubleshooting – Siemens S7-1500
  • 87-HMIS715 Mechatronics HMI Terminal – Siemens S7-1500
  • 87-IOSS715 PLC – Siemens S7-1500
  • 87-VCS715 Smart Factory Visual Communications – Siemens S7-1500
  • 87-MES715 Smart Factory Manufacturing Execution – Siemens S7-1500
  • 87-ENS715 Smart Factory PROFINET – Siemens S7-1500
  • 87-RF1S715 Smart Factory RF Identification – Siemens S7-1500
  • 87-SN1S715 – 87-SN1S715, 87-SN9S715 Smart Factory Sensor Learning Systems
  • 87-VS1S715 Mechatronics Vision Inspection – Siemens S7-1500
  • 87-WLAS715 Mechatronics Wireless Communications – Siemens S7-1500
  • 87-WLBS715 Mechatronics Wireless Communications – Siemens S7-1500 for Non-US Customers
  • 87-NS1S715 – Smart Factory PROFINET Network Security – Siemens S7-1500

Instructor’s Course Overview: Smart factories require highly trained technicians that can set up, operate, and maintain all aspects of these systems. Amatrol’s self-paced, interactive curriculum provides individuals wth the tools needed to prepare them for a successful career in this field.

Pre-Requisites: Basic Programmable Controllers: Siemens S7300 Series, Mechatronics Instructor’s Training Course

Course Length: 32 Hours


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