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IGNITE Mastering Manufacturing – Course 3 & 4


IGNITE Mastering Manufacturing – Course 3 & 4

July 25 – July 29, 2022

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Instructor’s Course Overview: This course is for high school, college, and vocational level instructors who teach the concepts and skills of advanced manufacturing and industry 4.0. The course features hands-on familiarization with the learning systems making courses 3 and 4 of Amatrol’s Ignite Mastering Manufacturing program. The course includes learning about the equipment, virtual trainers, interactive multimedia curriculum, mini-projects, and hands-on skills. Special emphasis will be placed on the syllabus and teacher’s delivery of the program. Attendees will learn through a combination of individualized, hands-on learning technology units and group instruction of course management.

Topics include PLC programming, mechanical power transmission, hydraulics, Ethernet point communications, 3D CAD assemblies, mechatronics station programming, team decision making & development, planning & conducting team meetings, mini-projects, team-based systems projects, manufacturing metrics, lean manufacturing, process reliability & quality, CAD / CAM, fluid power, robot system applications, Ethernet switch networks, PLC application with HMI, and digital enterprise with cloud-based data.

Pre-Requisites: IGNITE Mastering Manufacturing – Course 1 & 2

Course Length: 32 Hours

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