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Basic Programmable Controllers: AB CompactLogix L16 – Session B

Basic Programmable Controllers: AB CompactLogix L16 – Session B

July 25 – July 29, 2022

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Instructor’s Course Overview: This course is for college, industry, vocational, high school, and university level instructors who plan to teach the basic concepts and skills of the CompactLogix programmable controller system. This course features hands-on familiarization with Amatrol’s portable PLC troubleshooting trainer (990-PAB53AF) featuring the Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC (AB5300-L16) hardware, software and curriculum.

Students will learn basic principles of RS Logix 5000 Mini PLC programming software as well as controller operation. Specific topics include: establishing communications, controller file development and configuration, basic controller operation, creating and configuring tags, ladder logic programming, I/O interfacing, and program development. Basic program commands covered include: XIO, XIC, OTE , timer, counter, program organization, math and data move instructions. Attendees will learn through a combination of individualized, hand-on learning with CompactLogix controller trainers and group instruction of concepts and principles

Pre-Requisites: None

Course Length: 32 Hours

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