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Transform Your Tabletop Mechatronics System into a Smart Factory

Are You Ready for Industry 4.0 InfoGraphicAre You Ready for Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Smart Factory, the Industrial Internet, Smart Automation, the Industrial Internet of Things, and Smart Manufacturing are just a few of the names used to describe the technological changes currently transforming industries around the world.

If you’re teaching mechatronics with Amatrol’s Tabletop Mechatronics System, then you already have your finger on the pulse of Industry 4.0, which is combining cyber-physical systems, automation, and the Internet of Things to realize huge gains in industrial efficiency and productivity.

In a Smart Factory environment, Internet-connected robots, automated machines, and smart sensors communicate with each other to monitor current production status and predict future maintenance needs. These new technologies are creating new roles that require highly-skilled workers who can program, operate, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair Smart Factory systems.

Today’s industrial employers desperately need workers with hands-on Smart Factory skills, but most are having trouble finding qualified workers due to the “skills gap” affecting industries worldwide. They expect educational institutions to help bridge the “skills gap,” but most schools don’t yet have training systems in place to teach advanced Industry 4.0 skills. Do you?

If you’re currently using Amatrol’s Tabletop Mechatronics System, then there’s good news for you. Amatrol has developed in-depth curriculum and hands-on training systems that can transform your current system into a Tabletop Smart Factory.

Amatrol Tabletop Smart Factory Training System

Tabletop Smart Factory upgrade options include the following systems:

Amatrol Tabletop Smart Factory Smart Sensors & Product IDSmart Sensors & Product ID

Smart Factory technology integrates smart sensors with I/O link and product ID components to allow learners to track parts; view production history of sorting, acceptance, and rejection of parts; and monitor inventory control.

The new smart sensors and product ID station (87-TBR1/87-TMS5) for your Tabletop Mechatronics system features real-world components, such as an RFID read station, smart photoelectric and analog pressure sensors, I/O link master, a conveyor, a barcode scanner, and an Ethernet-to-serial interface.



Tabletop Smart Factory EthernetNetwork Communications

The new Tabletop Smart Factory Ethernet system (87-TEN) teaches learners about industrial TCP/IP Ethernet networks, managed and unmanaged Ethernet switches, IP addresses, and Ethernet Subnets.

Hands-on skills taught include: how to connect an Ethernet network using both managed and unmanaged switches, setting IP addresses of robots and PLCs, transferring PLC programs via Ethernet networks, and monitoring network performance and diagnostics.


Tabletop Smart Factory Smart ProductionSmart Production

The new Tabletop Smart Factory visual communications system (87-TVC) includes IGear Squeaks visual communications software and an IGear Squeaks mobile app.

Using this system, students will learn how to operate and configure supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems and cloud-based maintenance management systems.




Tabletop Smart Factory Smart MaintenanceSmart Maintenance

The new Tabletop Smart Factory manufacturing execution system (87-TME) features IGear Pulse manufacturing execution software.

Students using this system will learn production control and monitoring of the Tabletop Smart Factory Mechatronics system, including how to control sensors, order entry, scheduling and schedule status, production statistics, and alarms.


Tabletop Smart Factory Performance Analysis & PLC TrainingPerformance Analysis & PLC Training

Adding Amatrol’s Portable PLC Troubleshooting system (990-PABCL1F) as a cell controller for the Tabletop Smart Factory system provides system performance analysis via I/O link of various parameters, such as transmitter pressure, photoeye signal strength, material type, and RFID tag output. In addition, users will be able to learn a wide variety of valuable PLC skills, including programming and troubleshooting.


Tabletop Smart Factory Industry 4.0 FundamentalsIndustry 4.0 Fundamentals (I4F)

The Tabletop Smart Factory is also an integral part of Amatrol’s new Industry 4.0 Fundamentals (I4F) program. Developed by subject matter experts in conjunction with real-world feedback from industry and educational institutions, I4F is perfect for those schools interested in developing a multi-year program to teach the in-demand skills Industry 4.0 requires.

Using I4F, students with no background in manufacturing can begin with the basics, such as industrial safety and hand tool skills. Over time, they move on to more advanced skills, building industrial competencies in areas like PLC troubleshooting, mechatronics, data analytics, and FANUC robot operation and programming.

See for Yourself

Interested in transforming your Tabletop Mechatronics System into a fully-functional Smart Factory equipped to teach your students the in-demand, hands-on skills they’ll need to work in an Industry 4.0 environment? Contact your Amatrol representative for more information today.

In the meantime, click on the link below to watch a video highlighting Amatrol’s Tabletop Smart Factory:

About Duane Bolin

Duane Bolin is a former curriculum developer and education specialist. He is currently a Marketing Content Developer for Amatrol, Inc. Learn more about Amatrol and its technical training solutions, including eLearning, here and connect with Duane on Amatrol’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube pages.

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