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Skill Boss Maintenance Gains Positive Media Attention Ahead of Official Launch

Amatrol’s newest product, Skill Boss Maintenance, created as a hands-on assessment system for MSSC’s new CPT Plus certification, is gaining positive press ahead of its official June 22nd launch at SkillsUSA in Louisville, KY.

President Trump signed an Executive Order to ramp up apprenticeships and pre-apprenticeships to help close the skills gap. To aid the President’s initiative, on June 22, MSSC and Amatrol will launch a nationwide Certified Production Technician “Plus” (CPT+) credential enabled by a revolutionary hands-on training and assessment device: “Skill Boss Maintenance.”

READ MOREGlobe Advisor: Revolutionary New Training and Assessment Device— “CPT+ Skill Boss Maintenance”—Can Ensure Success of President Trump’s Apprenticeship Executive Order

Skill Boss Industrial Training Troubleshooting Learning System


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