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Amatrol’s Robotics Engineering Summer Camp 2019 | A Look Back

For two weeks during the summer, incoming high school freshmen and sophomores were welcomed to Amatrol’s headquarters in Jeffersonville, Ind. for a Robotics Engineering Summer Camp. The annual camp introduced students to the world of robotics and allowed them to gain hands-on experience programming real robots. Along with working on real Pegasus Robots, campers were exposed to the basics of coding and watched electromechanical devices come to life.

“I’ve loved Robotics for a while now,” said Virginia, a camper. “I really got hooked into it this year when I joined my school’s Robotics Team.”

The goal of Amatrol’s Robotics Engineering Summer Camp is to offer eligible high school students a unique opportunity to peek into the world of robotics engineering. Along with learning to program real-life robots, campers were introduced to engineering and other technical fields, immersing students in the possibility of a career in technology.

“I signed up because I thought it would be a fun experience for me to get more hands-on with the types of robots I might be using in my future,” said Austin, a camper. “It sounded like a good challenge to do, and whenever you’re doing a challenge, you’re learning more.”

Overall, the Robotics Engineering Summer Camp is a great experience for aspiring engineers and technicians…or for anyone that just thinks robots are cool! All students need is the desire to learn, and Amatrol’s qualified instructor will have them programming robots in no time.

For more information on the signing up for a future camp, please contact your school guidance counselor, or contact Amatrol directly by clicking here.

Eligible Students

Successful applicants for the Camp should be rising 9th or 10th graders and have:

  • Recommendation by their school guidance counselor
  • Grades of at least C in all subject areas
  • Good school attendance
  • Personal commitment to attend all sessions
  • Transportation to and from camp
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