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Amatrol’s Virtual Manufacturing Lab – Start New Labs, Expand Current Labs!

Virtual Manufacturing Learning Systems Engage Learners and Keep Them on Task

Amatrol’s Virtual Manufacturing Laboratory is a complete curriculum presented using interactive multimedia and virtual simulators to teach individuals a wide range of technical skills and problem-solving capabilities required by today’s jobs. This virtual online education is a turnkey solution proving benefits including greatly reduced initial startup cost, less required classroom space, easy classroom relocation, and seamless integration with hardware trainers if they are added in the future.

Amatrol’s virtual lab replicates hands-on equipment in such great detail that learners will feel like they are using the actual equipment. Learners perform essentially the same tasks using virtual trainers that they would using equipment hardware.

Amatrol’s Virtual Manufacturing Lab contains the following learning systems:

Interactive Multimedia Curriculum Is The Key To Learning

Amatrol’s interactive multimedia curriculum is the backbone of virtual lab, providing students with learning content in a broad array of key technical skills. The multimedia curriculum uses a competency- based instructional design that teaches industry standard skills by incorporating an engaging combination of video, text, audio, 3D animation, and interactive activities.

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