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Hands-On, Job-Ready Skills for Solar Technicians

The future of solar energy is strong. Solar energy is being used in a broad range of applications such as generating electricity or home and utility use, directly heating hot water for homes, supplying heat for home heating systems, direct power for remote electronics such as information signs, and more. This is leading to an increased demand for qualified Solar Technicians.

Amatrol’s Solar Learning Systems

Solar Technicians require specialized job skills, combining electrical and plumbing skills with solar technology savvy. They face unique challenges in bringing solar technology to commercial and residential applications. Amatrol’s Solar technology program allows students to build the knowledge they need as well as develop the hands-on skills required. Successful Solar Technicians incorporate many traditional technical disciplines like electric motor control, wiring, rotating machines, piping, pumps, power distribution, etc. along with more specialized skills in solar technologies like solar installation, PV and thermal system troubleshooting, and specialized solar piping and pumps.

In addition to solar energy technicians, this program serves as a valuable career resource for solar engineers, solar installation professionals, solar consultants, and solar installers.

Strong Support for NABCEP Installer Certification

Amatrol strongly supports NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners), the premier solar technology certifying agency. NABCEP offers certifications in both PV and thermal installation that establish a solid baseline knowledge for solar technology. The certifications have been developed through rigorous task analysis so that they cover the essential knowledge solar installers / technicians need.

Industry demand for qualified Solar Technicians is rising as more consumers and businesses apply solar energy in their communities. Also, grants and other solar funding sources are increasingly requiring participating organizations to have employees with NABCEP certification. The demand for skilled technicians in both solar PV and thermal areas is rising. The push for alternative energy is only going to get stronger.

Amatrol’s Solar Technology Program will prepare a student for the NABCEP certification exams as well as allow the development of hands-on, job-ready skills. The combination of a NABCEP certification with applied skills will create a strong background for anyone wanting to work in solar technology.

Authentic, Comprehensive, Job-Ready Skills

Amatrol’s Solar Technology program prepares Solar Technicians to confidently assess and remedy the many challenges they will face on-the-job. The technology is becoming more complex and the number of installations is increasing. These changes mean that troubleshooting will be an essential skill for Solar Technicians.

The program incorporates the skill development needed for job success, ranging from basic operation to complex troubleshooting. The learning topics include many problem-solving activities designed to create adaptive skills for new situations such as PV array alignment, thermal drainback malfunction, etc. The program emphasizes demonstration of skills in addition to knowledge assessment to prepare students for real work readiness. While technical skills are essential for Solar Technicians, being able to communicate effectively is also critical as technicians seek assistance. Amatrol’s Enterprise Systems teaches students these types of effective workplace skills.

Solar Technology Systems – A Wide “Array” of Challenges

Amatrol is the leader in technical skill development. We’ve applied our 25+ years of experience to create a Solar Technology program with the depth and breadth required for Solar Technicians. Like all Amatrol programs, Solar Technology is designed to teach troubleshooting and problem solving through:

Amatrol’s Solar Technology curriculum teaches the concepts Solar Technicians require. It follows up those concepts with hands-on skills practiced through application. Amatrol’s unique computer-based fault insertion allows instructors to create challenging, real-life problem situations. The Solar Technology program uses many types of applications to help teach troubleshooting under realistic industry conditions. Performance measurement follows through to create real, job-ready skills.

Solar Technicians encounter a broad array of applications and system designs. A typical application spans not only the actual solar collector of heat or electricity via a panel but also wiring, piping, water storage, heat exchangers, and a host of other elements. Troubleshooting a new installation or an existing system’s malfunction means that the technician must first problem solve between technologies at a system level and then resolve specific component issues.

The components of a typical solar installation represent a broad number of manufacturers and technologies. Amatrol’s troubleshooting depth, teaching both component level problem solving as well as system level troubleshooting, prepares these technicians for solar technology challenges.

Solar Industry Partnership, Common Solar Components

Amatrol’s Solar Technology Program has been developed with solar expert advice, solar technician interviews, task analysis and extensive solar technology research to build a truly job-ready skills program. We augment this with industry quality components to insure that students are trained with what they will encounter on the job.

Training and Support Excellence

Your success is our success. That is our philosophy and commitment to you. Actions speak louder than words, so we back this up by offering extensive instructor training and strong technical support. We support our learning systems throughout their life-cycle. Our strong distributor network provides local, on-going support as well.

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