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Process Control System

Process Control System covers: adhering to process control systems safety rules; reading and interpreting process control documentation; calibrating and testing analog sensors and final control elements; and installing and operating a basic controller.

Process Control 1 (M50171)

This course covers: process schematics, controllers, and instrument identification; pneumatic proportional valves; liquid level transducers; on/off and closed loop level control; PID control; closed-loop flow control; and basic loop tuning. Examples of topics include how to perform a lockout/tagout on a process control system, the types of information described by an instrument tag, how to power up a Honeywell UDC 3500 controller and determine operating status, how to adjust the spring of a diaphragm actuator proportional valve, how to measure liquid level using a pressure sensor and give an application, and many more!

Industrial Safety (M50101)

This course covers safety organization, personal protective equipment, HAZCOM, confined spaces, electrical safety, fire safety, accident response, workplace ergonomics, and maintenance organization. Examples of topics include creating a culture of safety in the workplace, using head, eye, and ear protection personal protective equipment, explaining the importance of chemical container labeling, providing characteristics of a permit-required confined space, the function of an electrical lockout/tagout system, using a fire extinguisher, preventing bloodborne pathogen exposure, interpreting common safety markings, and visual management tools used in the workplace.

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