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Industrial Maintenance Technology | Maintenance Operations

Industrial Maintenance Technology | Maintenance Operations Training

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Maintenance Operations

Maintenance operations covers: adhering to safety, health, and environmental rules and regulations; operating and monitoring a machine; interpreting machine operation and maintenance documentation and technical drawings; performing machine maintenance procedures, preventative maintenance, and predictive maintenance; selecting and safely using of proper hand tool for a task; moving, handling, and storing materials and equipment; and selecting systems troubleshooting methods.

Maintenance Operations (M50111)

This course covers machine operation, machine monitoring and documentation, troubleshooting techniques, and total productive maintenance (TPM). Examples of topics within this course include: the function of a Basic Human Machine Interface (HMI); how to issue, interpret, and resolve a maintenance work order; the types of fluid power test instruments and their applications; and methods of eliminating breakdown losses.

Mechanical Component Maintenance (M50112)

This course covers: bolt and machine screw installation, basic component, precision component, and non-threaded component assembly; clamping and locking devices; power assembly; and component contamination and handling. Examples of topics include categories of torque-controlled tools, using a C-clamp to hold parts during assembly, the types of key fasteners, inspecting components for contamination, and using a wash station to clean a part.

Mechanical Print Reading (M50113)

This course covers mechanical print reading, assembly drawings, and basic part and precision dimensioning. Examples of topics include methods used to visualize the views of an object based on third-angle projection, interpreting a drawing scale, the functions of a threaded fastener, and how to place a datum feature symbol on a drawing.

Rigging Techniques (E50114)

This course covers rigging concepts, lifting devices, and wire rope and chain slings. Examples of topics include determining the center of gravity for a symmetrical load, operating an endless chain hoist, factors that affect the rated load of a hitch, assembling and lifting a load using a two-leg wire rope bridle sling and shackles, and assembling and lifting a load using a chain sling.

Rigging Techniques 2 (E50115)

This course covers synthetic slings, equipment movement, and industrial cranes. Examples of topics include assembling and lifting a load using a synthetic sling, operating various types of jacks, using roller bars and dollies to move a load, and operating an industrial crane.

Industrial Safety (M50101)

This course covers safety organization, personal protective equipment, HAZCOM, confined spaces, electrical safety, fire safety, accident response, workplace ergonomics, and maintenance organization. Examples of topics include creating a culture of safety in the workplace, using head, eye, and ear protection personal protective equipment, explaining the importance of chemical container labeling, providing characteristics of a permit-required confined space, the function of an electrical lockout/tagout system, using a fire extinguisher, preventing bloodborne pathogen exposure, interpreting common safety markings, and visual management tools used in the workplace.

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