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Electronic Control Systems

Electronic Control Systems covers: adhering to electronic and control systems safety rules; connecting and testing a DC power supply; installing and testing a solid-state relay, analog electronic sensors, and basic PLC components; installing and operating and AC variable frequency drive; transferring programs to programmable controller using a PC; creating a basic PLC ladder-style program; and troubleshooting PLC and controlled components.

Industrial Electronics Troubleshooting 1 (M50161)

This course covers: power supplies and conditioning; solid state switches; proximity, analog thermal, analog pressure, and ultrasonic sensors; amplifier and solid state power circuits; and silicon-controlled rectifier and triac control. Examples of topics include measuring the period and frequency of an electrical waveform, the operation of a pn junction diode, testing the output of a capacitive filter, testing a bipolar junction transistor, the operation of an inductive proximity sensor, and more.

Programmable Controller Troubleshooting 1 (M50162)

This course covers HMI operation, PLC program structure and techniques, PLC programming software, PLC timer and counter Instructions, sequence control, program control instructions, math and data move instructions, and PLC component and systems troubleshooting.

AC Variable Frequency Drives 1 (M50163)

This course covers variable frequency drive operation and speed, torque, and acceleration control. Examples of topics include how motor jogging is accomplished with a variable frequency ac drive, steps that can be taken to reduce the effects of reflected wave voltage, and how a variable frequency ac drive can accelerate a motor past its rated speed.

Electronic System Maintenance 1 (M50164)

This course covers programmable logic controller (PLC) wiring and variable frequency drive (VFD) wiring. Examples of topics include how to mount a programmable controller in an enclosure; how to test and startup a PLC installation; how to wire ground, power, and motor circuits to a VFD; and how to interface a VFD with PLC discrete I/O.

Industrial Safety (M50101)

This course covers safety organization, personal protective equipment, HAZCOM, confined spaces, electrical safety, fire safety, accident response, workplace ergonomics, and maintenance organization. Examples of topics include creating a culture of safety in the workplace, using head, eye, and ear protection personal protective equipment, explaining the importance of chemical container labeling, providing characteristics of a permit-required confined space, the function of an electrical lockout/tagout system, using a fire extinguisher, preventing bloodborne pathogen exposure, interpreting common safety markings, and visual management tools used in the workplace.

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