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Basic Pneumatic Systems

Industrial Maintenance Technology | Basic Pneumatic Systems

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Basic Pneumatic Systems

Basic Pneumatic Systems covers: adhering to fluid power systems safety rules; adjusting pneumatic system branch operating pressure using a regulator and pneumatic actuator speed using a flow control valve; servicing a pneumatic filter and pneumatic lubricator; installing pneumatic conductors; starting up and shutting down a reciprocating air compressor and adjusting operating pressure; and installing and testing components in pneumatic circuits.

Pneumatics 1 (50141)

This course covers pneumatic power, circuits, pressure and flow concepts, speed control circuits, and air compressors. Examples of topics include: basic rules for drawing pneumatic schematics; the functions of pressure regulator valves, flow control valves, and flowmeters; how directional control valves are classified; calculating the force output of a cylinder in retraction; and how to start and shut down a small reciprocating piston air compressor.

Pneumatics 2 (M50142)

This course covers directional control valve applications and air-piloted valves, pneumatic component maintenance and pneumatic conditioning, vacuum systems, and air compressors. Examples of topics include the operation of a pneumatic cam-operated DCV, types of pneumatic DCV construction, the function of a coalescing filter, the operation of a refrigeration type air dryer, methods used to produce vacuums, and how to start and shut down a small reciprocating piston air compressor.

Pneumatics Troubleshooting 1 (M50143)

This course covers troubleshooting a variety of pneumatic applications like air preparation, pneumatic actuators and valves, vacuum systems, and overall pneumatic systems. Examples of topics include methods of testing a pneumatic component, interpreting a pneumatic troubleshooting chart, describing the function of a rotary actuator, how to troubleshoot a vacuum generator, and the function and construction of a troubleshooting flowchart.

Pneumatics Maintenance 1 (M50144)

This course covers fluid circuit components, pipe thread components, and pneumatic fittings and tubing. Examples of topics include methods of connecting rubber hose to a fitting, how pipe threads are designated, how to install a bulkhead fitting, and types of pneumatic tubing.

Industrial Safety (M50101)

This course covers safety organization, personal protective equipment, HAZCOM, confined spaces, electrical safety, fire safety, accident response, workplace ergonomics, and maintenance organization. Examples of topics include creating a culture of safety in the workplace, using head, eye, and ear protection personal protective equipment, explaining the importance of chemical container labeling, providing characteristics of a permit-required confined space, the function of an electrical lockout/tagout system, using a fire extinguisher, preventing bloodborne pathogen exposure, interpreting common safety markings, and visual management tools used in the workplace.

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