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Basic Mechanical Systems

Basic Mechanical Systems covers: adhering to mechanical power transmission safety rules; using dimensional measuring tools; installing and aligning shaft couplings, belt drives, chain drives, gear drives, and pillow block bearings; identifying lubrication points, selecting lubricant, and applying lubricant to a machine; and troubleshooting power transmissions.

Dimensional Measurement (M50121)

This course covers measurement systems, calipers, micrometers, indicators, and gauging. Examples of topics include: the function and construction of a machinist’s rule, how to use a dial caliper and an outside micrometer, and using a digital indicator to measure a dimension.

Mechanical Drives 1 (M50122)

This course covers: mechanical power transmission; machine installation; performance measurement; basic shaft alignment; and basic v-belt, chain, gear, and multiple shaft gear drives. Examples of topics include six rules of safe dress for working with power transmission equipment, using fasteners to attach a motor mount to a bedplate, methods of loading a mechanical drive system, methods of mounting a shaft bearing, installing and aligning a v-belt drive, operating a single-strand roller chain drive, the function of a right-angle gear drive system, and aligning a sleeve coupling.

Mechanical Drives 2 (M50123)

This course covers: heavy duty v-belt drives; lubrication systems; chain, v-belt, and synchronous belt drive troubleshooting; indicator shaft alignment; and coupling troubleshooting. Examples of topics include operating a multiple belt v-belt drive, how oils are specified, how chains are specified, methods of identifying belt size and type, installing and aligning an HTD belt drive system, types of coupling flexibility, and preventive maintenance steps for couplings.

Laser Shaft Alignment (M50124)

This course covers: rough alignment; laser shaft alignment installation, operation, and analysis; and soft foot correction. Examples of topics include safety rules for a laser alignment system, how to perform a rough alignment on a power transmission system, how to align two shafts using a laser alignment system, and how to determine shaft alignment tolerances in a power transmission system.

Industrial Safety (M50101)

This course covers safety organization, personal protective equipment, HAZCOM, confined spaces, electrical safety, fire safety, accident response, workplace ergonomics, and maintenance organization. Examples of topics include creating a culture of safety in the workplace, using head, eye, and ear protection personal protective equipment, explaining the importance of chemical container labeling, providing characteristics of a permit-required confined space, the function of an electrical lockout/tagout system, using a fire extinguisher, preventing bloodborne pathogen exposure, interpreting common safety markings, and visual management tools used in the workplace.

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