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Amatrol offers a wide array of Biotech Industry Learning Systems that enable students to develop technical skill breadth and depth in many areas of Biotech Industry technology. Manufacturing operators, maintenance technicians, quality control specialists, scientists, process control engineers, and pharmaceutical professionals all apply sophisticated technology to produce Biotech Industry products that include foods, medicines, and renewable energy sources. Both skill depth and breadth are required to meet the many demands involved in manufacturing these types of products. As a relatively new industry, Biotech firms face many challenges in attracting the highly skilled workers that are essential to their success. Not only are the operations and technology complex, but the regulatory requirements are exacting, creating a leading edge manufacturing challenge.

The demand for knowledgeable Biotech Industry workers is rising as the industry grows. Clinical trials of new medicines now often involve proteins which present a particular manufacturing challenge when done in large quantities. Biofuel production with its many sources will continue to grow. Biotech workers must be able to successfully interact with increasingly sophisticated systems as the demand for Biotech products increase production demands. Amatrol combines basic knowledge with applied, hands-on skills to enable learners to develop the skills needed in modern Biotech Industry. Amatrol’s Biotech Industry Learning Systems are comprehensive, offering strong curriculum, equipment and multimedia to help create those teachable moments where students grasp Biotech Industry concepts and how to really work with them.

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