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Communication skills are essential in today’s workplaces. Improving one’s listening skills is an important part of effective communication, but there are many more techniques that should be learned to truly increase communication in an organization.  Amatrol’s Workplace Effectiveness program covers essential career skills such as listening skills, feedback, barriers to effective communication, roles of the sender and receiver, and the importance of a medium in conflict resolution.

Understanding group dynamics are a critical skill in the workplace and this program breaks down the various components and attributes at work in a group.  Once these dynamics are covered, the learner is taught the steps of the decision-making process in a group situation including its advantages and disadvantages.

Another aspect of Amatrol’s Workplace Effectiveness program is the addition of modules designed to teach the learner more about the technologies used in advanced manufacturing processes to enable them to interface effectively with other members of a group.  For example, learners will be introduced to computer numeric control that is used as the primary interface between a machine operator and the machine.  Additionally, learners will learn basic math and trigonometry as they relate to advanced manufacturing processes.  From communication skills to math, this program has it all!

Amatrol’s Interactive Multimedia Gives Learners the Tool They Need to Excel

Amatrol’s Workplace Effectiveness courses engage the learner with various types of interactivity and animations to keep their focus on the task.  Almost every page requires the learner interaction to proceed through the course.  This keeps the learner involved and moving forward.  In the communication modules, the learner is presented with many scenarios that make it much easier to understand the principles being presented.

Essential Workplace Skills

  • Enterprise Systems 1 Learning System (96-ES1): lays the foundation for essential workplace skills. Too often, people attempt to contribute to an organization without underpinning skills such as communications, problem solving, working effectively in teams, presenting an idea effectively, and working with others to generate ideas. Using a structured learning approach, Enterprise Systems 1 teaches key skills needed in any organization.
  • Enterprise Systems 2 Learning System (96-ES2): features the concept of organizing work groups into teams. The Enterprise 2 Systems focuses on essential workplace team-building skills training, which has energized today’s enterprises and played a key role in enabling companies to compete in the highly competitive global economy. Working on teams has not only enabled people to work more efficiently and effectively, but has also made work more fun and rewarding for many people.
  • Enterprise Systems 3 Learning System (96-ES3): focuses on next-level business skills. Using the Enterprise Systems 3 Learning System, students will learn about enterprise economics, marketing, and entrepreneurship. By studying these real-world topics, the 96-ES3 teaches the proper foundational topics that sets students up for success in the business world.

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