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Amatrol’s Thermal training products mainly focus on industrial, commercial and residential heating and cooling through traditional means like air conditioning, as well as topics like insulation, lighting, and ceiling fans, or through renewable energy systems like geothermal. This area also features a steam training system that covers key concepts and skills used in paper mills, power companies, and even nuclear submarines. Amatrol’s offering of thermal products align with several key programs, including:

Thermal Science

Thermal Science Learning System (T7081): introduces vital knowledge necessary to comprehend the principles of modern thermal systems, such as HVAC, geothermal, refrigeration, and steam. The Thermal Science system allows learners to perform experiments demonstrating principles such as the ideal gas law, linear and volumetric thermal expansion, basic temperature measurement, latent and sensible heat, specific heat capacity, conduction, convection, radiation, evaporative cooling, and basic refrigeration.

Air Conditioning / Heat Pump

Industrial Thermal Training

Air Conditioning / Heat Pump Learning System (T7082): teaches three types of thermal systems: air conditioning, refrigeration, and heat pumps. This system is a valuable training resource for people considering a career in the HVAC industry and covers topics like compressors, reversing valves, evaporators / condensers, thermodynamic cycles, and thermal efficiency.

Air Conditioning / Heat Pump Troubleshooting Learning System (T7082A): covers all of the topics and skills offered by the T7082, but adds imperative troubleshooting skills for identifying faults such as blockages, leakage, and refrigerant overcharging and undercharging. This air conditioning / heat pump troubleshooting system utilizes Amatrol’s FaultPro, the industry’s premier troubleshooting software, which allows faults to be electronically inserted for easy testing and tracking.

Environmental Applications Learning System (T7083): this optional expansion to the T7082 or T7082A teaches heating and cooling applications and covers skills including how to size, select, and analyze thermal systems to optimize performance. The system models the characteristics of a living structure with outside environmental effects, such as sun or humidity, and internal design characteristics such as insulation, lighting, and ceiling fans.

Geothermal Energy

Thermal Industrial Training

Amatrol has developed several systems to provide training for the ever-growing area of geothermal energy. The Geothermal Learning System (950-GEO1) begins with an introduction to geothermal heat pump systems and move rapidly into the concepts and components that make a geothermal system operate; these include closed-loop circuits, compressors, condensers, evaporators, metering devices, refrigerants, suction line accumulators, receivers, dryers, moisture indicators, thermostats, controllers, blowers, heat-pump system start-up and operation, and overall system performance.

The following three geothermal energy learning systems feature all of the 950-GEO1’s topics and skills, as well as:

Geothermal Learning System with Desuperheater (950-GEO1D): A desuperheater uses the excess energy from the geothermal system to heat water for little or no additional cost. Additional topics include the operation, startup, shutdown, troubleshooting, and maintenance of a desuperheater system.

Geothermal Troubleshooting Learning System (950-GEO2): Using our world-class troubleshooting program, FaultPro, Amatrol has inserted over 25 electronic faults on the 950-GEO2! Covering electrical, mechanical, and fluid-based faults, Amatrol designed the 950-GEO2’s troubleshooting to allow learners to practice applicable industry skills and prepare them for real-world geothermal system problems. Amatrol’s troubleshooting systems are unmatched in their ability to simulate real-world equipment failures!

Geothermal Troubleshooting Learning System with Desuperheater (950-GEO2D): features all topics and skills for the base system, desuperheater, and troubleshooting.

steam systems training

Geothermal Flush Cart Learning System (95-GEO3): can be added to any of the geothermal learning systems and teaches how to purge debris and air from the geothermal loop and then charge it with a glycol/water solution.

Steam Systems

Steam Systems 1 Learning System (950-SH1): covers the operation, installation, maintenance, and repair of steam systems, as well as important concepts like internal energy, specific heat capacity, and flash steam, as well as important calculation for steam power, such as calculating the change in enthalpy caused by phase change. Examples of skills include the startup, shutdown, and blowdown of a boiler; the operation of an OS&Y valve; and how to test a steam trap.

High School Options for Thermal Training

In addition to learning systems geared toward post-secondary and industrial customers, Amatrol also offers systems specifically designed for high schools. One of the biggest challenges facing the workforce today is a skilled worker shortage. Because of this, Amatrol is dedicated to providing high schools with learning solutions that will cover applicable STEM knowledge and advanced manufacturing topics and skills. High School learning systems within the thermal area include:

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