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Amatrol’s SkillTrace (94-ST1) is a locally installed Learning Management System (LMS) that is ideal for applications where an internet connection is undesirable or unavailable. It contains the ability for authorized instructors to create new classes, import or create student profiles, create custom profile tags, assign training content/quizzes, assign scores to performance-based assessments, and generate reports.  In addition to predefined reports, SkillTrace has the ability to export data to a CSV file type, which can be used by Microsoft Excel or similar programs, providing the utmost in reporting flexibility.

Classroom Management Software Simplifies Your Job!

Setting up classes and enrolling students is simple with SkillTrace.  To create a new class, you simply select Create Class and provide a class name in the Learning Management System.  Then, you can browse the library of available courses and select the ones you wish to include.  You can easily assign a teacher to the class and enroll students.  Individual profiles can be easily added or they can be imported.  When adding users, you will assign them a role (Student, Teacher, or Administrator) that indicates their level of permissions.

Launch Interactive Multimedia Curriculum & Quizzes

Students log into SkillTrace and will see only the courses and quizzes assigned to them.  Just like that, the student selects & launches the desired interactive multimedia module.  When it’s time for a quiz, the student launches the quiz and works through answering the questions.  When completed, the student receives their score for immediate feedback.  Teachers can access students’ progress and quiz scores at any time.

Assign Performance-Based Skills Scores

When the assigned curriculum contains hands-on skills, SkillTrace provides the ability for an instructor to input the student’s score for that particular assessment based on their observation.  Once this has been entered, the student can see their results instantly.  Combined with their quiz scores, this allows students to monitor how well they are performing in the class.

Set-Up & Reporting Made Easy

SkillTrace uses a tree structure that makes reporting easy.  Create a report for the entire class, individuals, or assign custom tags to students that provide addition ways to group  data. If you wish to create your own reports,  you can export the data to a CSV file type and combine it with data from other classes if you wish.

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