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Mobile Technical Training (Industrial Portable Learning Systems)

Does your school or organization suffer from insufficient training space? Well not any longer! Amatrol’s Portable Learning Systems are the answer for all of your mobile technical training needs!

What is a Portable Learning System? All You Need to Know About Mobile Technical Training

Training is now more in demand than ever before, but finding available training space is next to impossible. Amatrol’s portable learning systems are the perfect cost-effective training solution when training space is limited, but comprehensive knowledge and skill building cannot be sacrificed! These mobile systems can be placed on a conference room table, shop floor desk, or practically anywhere! Their durability and compact size also provide for safe, compact storage when available training space is needed to teach other topics.

Wheels + Handle = Easy Transportation!

Portable Learning Training System Case

Amatrol’s portable workstation cases feature a collapsible handle and wheels that make moving them easy. Multiple latches securely fasten the workstation’s durable lid during transport to protect the system components. Need to train workers in a different location at your facility? Just latch the lid, extend the handle and away you go! Do you need to move your training class to a different facility? The compact size of these learning systems allows multiple workstations to easily fit into a car’s trunk or even its backseat! The portability of these mobile technical training systems is the solution that you have been looking for!

Do They Really Deliver the Same Level of Training as a Full-Size System? Yes!

Amatrol challenged its engineers and curriculum designers to create mobile technical training systems that could provide the same knowledge and skill outcomes as the larger systems. And they succeeded! These portable systems use industry standard components and have all the bells-and-whistles of their larger counterparts. Supported by Amatrol’s world-class curriculum, these learning systems fill an important role in today’s training needs.

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