Pneumatics 1 Assessment Workstation (27-PNA1)


  • Hand Tool Package (41221)
  • Customer-Supplied Curriculum (Amatrol 85-BP or similar)
  • Computer (see Computer Requirements)


  • Pneumatic Air Supply or Conditioned (Dry and Filtered) Shop Air (2 CFM @ 100 PSIG/0.06 cmm @ 690 kPa)

Pneumatics 1 Assessment Workstation | Hands-On Pneumatics Skills Assessment

Assessment Device: 27-PNA1

Amatrol’s Pneumatics 1 Assessment Workstation (27-PNA1) features a compact workstation designed to effectively assess hands-on pneumatics skills with a variety of industry-standard components.

Features & Benefits

  • Real Industrial Pneumatics Components
  • Steel Console

Effectively Assess Pneumatics Skills

Whether you’re an instructor teaching the next generation of industrial maintenance technicians or an employer trying to hire new maintenance workers, the same question needs to be asked of potential new hires: do they have the skills you need? Amatrol’s Pneumatics 1 Assessment Workstation (27-PNA1) allows individuals to be evaluated on a variety of hands-on maintenance skills related to pneumatics.

Real Industrial Components

The 27-PNA1 features a variety of industrial-standard components, including an air motor, pressure gage, rotameter, manometer, and a variety of directional control valves and different types of cylinders. The workstation makes it easy to assess the skills of potential hires in key areas of basic and intermediate pneumatics, such as air motor operation, cylinder circuits, flow control, and instrumentation monitoring.

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