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Mechatronics HMI Terminal, Siemens S7-1500 | Multimedia Courseware

Multimedia Courseware - Mechatronics HMI Terminal, Siemens S7-1500: M25052

This course covers basic HMI panel operation. Important topics include how to connect an HMI panel, how to configure an HMI panel, how to download a project to an HMI panel, types of input and output objects, and how to operate a PLC project using an HMI panel.

Learning Topics

  • Function of an HMI Panel
  • Parts of an HMI Panel
  • Connect an HMI Panel
  • Configure an HMI Panel
  • Download a Project to an HMI Panel
  • Basic Operation of an HMI Panel
  • Input Objects
  • Output Objects
  • How to Operate a PLC Project Using an HMI Panel

Comprehensive Mechatronics Interactive Multimedia Curriculum that’s Second-to-None

Amatrol’s HMI Terminal course curriculum offering is an impressive presentation of comprehensive theoretical knowledge. This curriculum begins with an introduction to HMI Panel Configuration and quickly builds on concepts like connection and configuration. Examples of topics from the curriculum include: Input and Output Modules, and How to Operate a PLC Project Using an HMI Panel. This learning system’s curriculum is presented in a stunning interactive multimedia format that features 3D animations, graphics, text with audio voice-overs, and much more!

HMI Training for Real-World Applications

Flexible and feature-rich, HMI panels allow machine operators, maintenance technicians, and supervisory personnel to control and monitor the status of machines and processes on automated lines. As technology has advanced, HMI panels have replaced traditional hard-wired operator inputs and outputs in virtually all Mechatronics control and/or monitoring applications in most industries around the world. This HMI terminal training system represents Amatrol’s ongoing commitment to bridging the skills gap with technical training tools backed by robust curriculum materials that focus on the hands-on skills required to thrive in today’s advanced manufacturing environments.

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