Mechatronics Siemens Barcode Training 5
  • Additional Requirements

    • 87-MS2 Mechatronics Station
    •  870-S715 Mechatronics Learning System
    •  87-ENS715 Smart Factory PROFINET Learning System
    • Computer: See requirements

Mechatronics Barcode, Siemens S7-1500 | Multimedia Courseware

Mechatronics Barcode, Siemens S7-1500: M33736

Amatrol’s Mechatronics Barcode Identification Learning System – Siemens S7-1500 (87-BR2S715) covers the use and operation of a barcode reader within an automated line to identify components, enter serial numbers in a database, and sort items into groups. Barcode identification systems are used as scanners and for conducting inventory, in real-world applications such as sorting and tracking mail, sorting baggage at airports, and identifying and quantifying inventory in warehouses and shipping centers.

Learning Topics

  • Industrial Communications Networks
  • Barcode Function
  • Types of Barcodes
  • Printing Barcode Labels
  • Machine Vision Camera Setup and Lighting
  • Barcode Reader Operation
  • Maximize Barcode Scan Accuracy
  • Serial Communications
  • Configure and Interface a Barcode Reader
  • PLC String Data
  • PLC Barcode Applications
  • Operate a PLC Project

Learn to Seamlessly Interface a Barcode Reader with an Automated Line Using World-Class Interactive Curriculum

Amatrol creates curriculum with a conscious intent to seamlessly weave theoretical knowledge with hands-on skills in order to further ingrain each into a learner’s mind. The 87-BR2S715’s curriculum is no different. With stunning depth and breadth, this learning system covers barcode function, maximizing barcode scan accuracy, serial communications, PLC string data, programming and interfacing PLCs to serial communication devices, configuring and interfacing a barcode reader, and operating a PLC project. This learning system’s curriculum is presented in a stunning interactive multimedia format that features 3D animations, graphics, text with audio voiceovers, and much more!

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