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Enhance Your Training with Amatrol’s Lean Manufacturing Program!

Lean Manufacturing is an essential component in modern manufacturing and Amatrol has created a program that present these concepts in a clear, concise methodology.  Lean manufacturing is the business philosophy of improving efficiency and product quality by eliminating waste and improving production flow.  It focuses on the expenditure of resources and preserving value with less work.

Amatrol’s Lean courses explore the history, evolution, and benefits of Lean; workplace organization; proper machine set-up; standardized work; value stream mapping;and topic areas such as Poka-Yoke, Kaizen, and 5S (Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, Sustain).

Amatrol’s Interactive Multimedia Curriculum Makes Lean Concepts Easy to Grasp

Amatrol’s Lean courses engage the learner with various types of interactivity, videos, and animations to keep their focus on the task in ways that a “page-turner” type course cannot.  As one example, while learning about 5s, the learner is presented with a view of an industrial manufacturing area and asked to click on conditions that violate the 5s rules.  Other examples  include interacting with a production cycle to see how and why different types of Kanban system are used and determining takt times for a process.

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