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Amatrol’s Green Technology training systems provide industry-relevant knowledge and skills in the rapidly expanding areas of Solar and Wind energy.

Knowledge Building

A great place to start in understanding the importance of Solar and Wind technology, Amatrol offers interactive multimedia courses in Wind and Solar Concepts that provide learners with an understanding of how we can harness these vast energy sources.  Some of the topics that learner will explore include how to read a map showing wind patterns and how to properly position a solar panel for optimum radiation collection throughout the entire year.

Hands-On, Job-Ready Skills

Amatrol’s Solar and Wind hardware simulators, supported by interactive multimedia, provide the opportunity to gain industry-vetted skills in the classroom.

Solar and Wind Technicians require specialized training to ensure that installed systems operation to their optimal levels.  While these systems are similar to others that include electrical and fluid components, their installation, set up, maintenance, and troubleshooting procedures are unique and proper training is essential.

Gaining the knowledge and skills provided in these learning systems are a portion of Amatrol’s overall Green Energy Technology program that places the learner on the path to acquiring certifications related to green technologies.


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