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Hydraulics Technical Training | Application, Maintenance & Troubleshooting

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Amatrol’s Hydraulics product line, featuring a stunning array of hydraulic topics and skills across a variety of systems, is second-to-none in the industry. For an overview of Amatrol’s entire Fluid Power offering, please click here.

Hydraulic Training | Fundamentals, Troubleshooting, and Application Skills

Hydraulics fundamentals technical training

Amatrol’s Hydraulic training begins with the Basic Hydraulics Learning System – Single Surface Bench with One Hydraulic Manifold (850-H1) or the Double Sided A-Frame Bench with Two Hydraulic Manifolds (850-HD1). Each of these systems include the Basic Hydraulics Learning System as well as the large variety of expansions listed below:

Basic Hydraulics Learning System (85-BH)

Introduces the fundamentals of hydraulic principles, such as pressure and flow, and allows for hands-on practice of industry-relevant skills, such as operating, installing, designing, and troubleshooting basic hydraulics for various applications.

Intermediate Hydraulics Learning System (85-IH)

Includes advanced hydraulic components like pilot-operated check valves, two-position directional control valves, telescoping cylinders, and more. Learners will study their function, operation, and applications before practicing hands-on skills with each.

Advanced Hydraulics Learning System (85-AH)

Covers a diverse range of topics such as types of hydraulic motors (external gear, orbiting gerotor, roller vane, etc.), hydraulic formulas such as calculating theoretical pump flow rate given displacement, and types of hydraulic conductors, filtration methods, and reservoirs.

Electro-Hydraulics Learning System (85-EH)

Teaches electrical relay control of hydraulic systems and their industrial applications, electrical control systems, basic control devices, power devices, sequencing control, timer control, pressure control applications, and circuit applications.

Electro-Fluid Power Learning System (85-EF)

Teaches electrical relay control of hydraulic and pneumatic systems through topics like industrial relay control circuits using ladder diagrams and Boolean logic and offers industry-relevant skills like developing a sequence of operations given an application, connecting and operating an indicator lamp given a ladder diagram, and many more.

Hydraulic Maintenance & TroubleshootingHydraulic Maintenance and Troubleshooting Technical Training Learning System

Hydraulic Maintenance Learning System (950-HM1)

Covers skills related to servicing and maintaining hydraulic systems and components. This learning system provides a valuable learning experience for industrial maintenance technicians, system installers, and many others by covering hydraulic filter and fluid maintenance, fittings, seals, hydraulic hose and clamping devices, hydraulic tubing, and hydraulic component installation.

Basic Hydraulic Troubleshooting Learning System (950-HTB1)

Teaches how to troubleshoot hydraulic systems and components such as hydraulic motors, directional control valves, and cylinders and features over 35 faults for learners to practice troubleshooting. . This learning system will also serve as a solid foundation towards attaining certifications.

Hydraulic Troubleshooting Learning System (950-HT1)

Features realistic loads, pressures, and heavy-duty hydraulic components for teaching advanced hydraulics, system tuning, installation, and maintenance and includes over 40 hydraulic, mechanical and electrical faults that can be inserted into the system.

High School Options for Hydraulics Training

Hydraulics Technical Training High School Learning

In addition to learning systems geared toward post-secondary and industrial customers, Amatrol also offers systems specifically designed for high schools. One of the biggest challenges facing the workforce today is a skilled worker shortage. Because of this, Amatrol is dedicated to providing high schools with learning solutions that will cover applicable STEM knowledge and advanced manufacturing topics and skills. High School learning systems within the hydraulics area include:

Hydraulics 1 Learning System (96-HYD1)

Hydraulics 2 Learning System (96-HYD2)

Hydraulics 3 Learning System (96-HYD3)

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