Recommended Equipment:

  • Portable Electric Relay Control Troubleshooting Training System (990-EC1F)

Electric Relay Control eLearning| Control Logic and Logic Elements

eLearning Course: M11132

Amatrol's Electric Relay Control Multimedia Course (M11132) introduces the functions of relay logic control circuits used in industrial, commercial and residential applications. Describing functions and application of functions covered in control logic include logic elements such as AND, OR, NOT, NOR, and NAND. Ladder Diagrams are explained and learners connect, operate, and design a ladder diagram using one or more logic elements. Additional concepts include Electro-pneumatic solenoid valves; sequencing control including relay operation, relay application, limit switch operation and application; and timers and advanced systems including time-delay relays, multiple cylinder control, and machine modes of operation.

Learning Topics

  • Control Logic
  • Logic Elements
  • Ladder Diagrams
  • Electro-Pneumatic Solenoid Valves
  • Control Circuit Design
  • Sequencing Control
  • Relay Operation and Applications
  • Limit Switch Operation and Applications
  • Timers and Advanced Systems
  • Time-Delay Relay Applications
  • Multiple Cylinder Control
  • Machines Modes of Operation

Control Logic

Learners begin with an introduction to control logic, including logic elements (NAD/OR/NOT/NOR/NAND), ladder diagrams, and electro-pneumatic solenoid valves. Individual lessons focus on topics like the six elements of control logic, five rules of drawing a ladder diagram, the function of a solenoid-operated fluid power valve, and the function of a power diagram. Learners will also practice skills, such as connecting/operating an AND/OR/NOT/NOR/NAND logic, reading/interpreting the operation of a circuit given a ladder diagram, and designing a control circuit in a ladder diagram format to operate a solenoid valve.

Sequencing Control

In this module, learner will encounter components of sequencing control, including relay operation, relay applications, limit switch operation, and limit switch applications. Individual lessons focus on topics like the function/operation of an electromechanical relay, the operation of a relay performing control logic, the function of a limit switch, and the operation of a safety interlock circuit. Learners will also practice skills, such as reading/interpreting a basic ladder diagram, designing a logic circuit that uses a relay, designing a logic circuit that uses a limit switch to sequence an event, and designing a continuous-cycle cylinder reciprocation circuit with a safety interlock.

Timers and Advanced Systems

Learners using Amatrol’s Electric Relay Control eLearning course will study the principles of timers and advanced systems, including time-delay relays and applications, multiple cylinder control, and machines modes of operation. Individual lessons focus on topics like the operation of an on-delay/off-delay timer relay, the operation of a timer relay, how multiple cylinders are controlled using one limit switch, and two applications of manual controls. Learners will also practice skills, such as connecting/operating a control circuit with a timer relay, designing a control circuit to perform time-driven sequencing, connecting/operating a dual-cylinder control circuit using two limit switches, and designing a continuous-cycle, synchronized cylinder circuit with a manual mode.

Highly-Interactive Multimedia Format Appeals to All Learning Styles

Amatrol’s Electric Relay Control eLearning course curriculum features a highly-interactive multimedia format. Stunning 3D animations, videos, pictures, voiceovers of all text, and interactive quizzes and exercises bring learning to life. Amatrol’s multimedia curriculum contains elements that will appeal to every learning style, keeping learners motivated and engaged.

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