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Amatrol’s eAssessment revolutionizes technical assessment and training by individually determining a learner’s skill level in specific areas. This assessment prevents training overlap, which dramatically improves training effectiveness and technical training efficiency, as well as reduces training cost and time investment.

Your Training Needs Assessment. Now What?

Training programs without assessment are like airplanes without wings, or cars without tires — it just won’t work.

Targeted Training to Fill the Skill Gaps!

With the implementation of new technology like Smart Factory components, the manufacturing world is evolving quickly. Employees must engage in continuous advanced manufacturing training to keep from being left behind, and this training must be cost-effective and efficient, so a one-size-fits-all program is not acceptable.

eAssessment offers the power to train each employee based on their skill gaps! Assessing your employee’s technical knowledge provides the base you need to effectively target certain advanced manufacturing skills while training each employee without wasting time and money on skills and technical areas that they’ve already mastered.

Articles About eAssessment:

For the best results, Amatrol offers three different products under the eAssessment umbrella: eAssessment Standard, eAssessment Express, and ReAssessment.

eAssessment Standard

eAssessment Standard identifies an individual’s knowledge gaps for a topic at an objective level to build the right training plan for your needs. It requires more time than eAssessment Express but provides additional insights into an individual’s abilities.

eAssessment Express

eAssessment Express determines knowledge gaps quickly at a modular level. eAssessment Express requires only 35% as many questions as Standard. eAssessment Express allows for a more targeted training plan, entry-level evaluation, or confirmation of pre-existing know-how.


Amatrol’s ReAssessment offers a reusable assessment for a variety of purposes such as mid-course progress checks and post-test measures of how well employees / students have grasped the material. Utilizing the same bank of questions that eAssessment Standard, this product provides your organization with a versatile tool for evaluating talent.

Assessments Available Across the Advanced Manufacturing Skills Spectrum

Amatrol’s eAssessments are available across fifteen different advanced manufacturing areas including electrical, fluid power, automation, mechanical, process control, and more! For an exact number of available assessments and modules covered, please contact our sales team to learn how eAssessment can benefit your training program.eassessment bridge skills gap when training needs assessment

Major Advantages of Using eAssessment

Targeted Training for Each Employee

  • Focused Learning – Employees spend time learning only what they need
  • Positive Process – Establishes and recognizes highly-skilled employees
  • Individual and Aggregate Results – Allows employers to view results for the individual as well as across the organization, shifts, levels, and groups

Reduce Training Time

  • Less time away from the job
  • Training can be accelerated
  • Based on individual needs

Reduce Downtime

  • Ensure that you have the right employees available to support production
  • Develop skills needed in production to deliver quality, timely products

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