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Amatrol Introduces the Portable Basic Hydraulics Learning System

Amatrol is pleased to announce our newest learning system, Portable Basic Hydraulics (990-BH1). This learning system provides a portable alternative that features all of the skills of our traditional Basic Hydraulics learning systems. Portable Basic Hydraulics includes gauges, manifolds, cylinders, valves (relief/sequence, pressure reducing, check, directional control, etc.), flow meter, and a portable hydraulic power supply.

Portable Basic Hydraulics has a remarkably small footprint, but still allows learners to gain hands-on skills with real-world, industrial components and practice vital hydraulics skills. This system also includes Amatrol’s world-class multimedia curriculum. The curriculum covers how to operate, install, design, and troubleshoot basic hydraulic circuits for various applications, as well as concepts like flow rate versus cylinder speed and pressure versus cylinder force.

To learn more about this learning system, please visit: Portable Hydraulics Training | Skill-Building for Basic Hydraulics Applications

To learn more about more of Amatrol’s portable learning solutions, visit: Portable and Compact Industrial Skills Training Systems

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