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Amatrol Announces Addition of Oxygen Education Division

Jeffersonville, Ind. – August 20, 2010 – Amatrol has added Oxygen Education online learning as a new division. Oxygen Education LLC previously developed and marketed technical training software but decided to exit the market. Amatrol has purchased much of Oxygen Education’s training materials and has now created a division of Amatrol that will continue to offer the same products. Oxygen Education products include technical training for fundamental technical skills such as math, quality, productivity, and safety as well as more specialized training in CNC machines and manufacturing.

Amatrol’s new Oxygen Education product line is exclusively software based. The Oxygen Education curriculum engages learners in a wide array of technical concepts and skills critical to today’s evolving manufacturing environment. Through the AME21 product suite, Advanced Manufacturing Education for the 21st Century, Oxygen Education offers training in lean manufacturing which teaches learners how to find ways to identify and eliminate waste in order to improve quality, reduce production time, and decrease cost.

While Amatrol is well known for machining training, they will now also be able to offer specific training for a variety of Haas CNC machine tools via the Oxygen Education product line. These courses teach operation and programming for a broad number of Haas mills, lathes, routers, etc. To learn more about this, go to for additional detail.

Adding Oxygen Education to Amatrol’s already strong family of eLearning, software, and lab products creates additional resources for customers. Oxygen Education customers benefit through the continued market offering and expansion of these fine technical education products. Likewise, Amatrol customers can now have access to learning topics such as lean manufacturing, safety, etc. Synergy is often an over used term, but in this case, it is real. To find out more information about Oxygen Education’s product line, visit our website at

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Media Contact
Amatrol Inc.
2400 Centennial Blvd.
Jeffersonville, IN 47130

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