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Amatrol’s Partnership with NIMS

Amatrol is the officially-endorsed provider of eLearning curriculum for popular National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) certifications, including Industrial Technology Maintenance (ITM) and CNC Mill and Lathe Operations certifications. These certifications provide workforce training to close the advanced manufacturing skills gap. Amatrol has also partnered with NIMS to provide training for future veterans as a part of Operation Next.

Partnering with more than 6,000 metalworking companies and five major industry trade associations, NIMS develops industry skill standards and offers more than 60 certifications that never expire in precision metalworking and industrial maintenance disciplines.

NIMS certifications validate knowledge, skills, and abilities via a two-step process. A performance assessment requires individuals to perform a specific set of skills checks and demonstrations. The theory assessment then tests knowledge of the relevant concepts.

A wide variety of people seek NIMS certifications, such as students, teachers, current workers, trainees, trainers, apprentices, and military personnel. Although individuals can rely upon prior training and experience when pursuing NIMS certifications, most people complete a training program aligned to NIMS skill standards through an educational institution or employer.

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About NIMS:

The National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) was formed in 1995 by several metalworking trade associations to develop and maintain a globally-competitive American workforce. Today, NIMS is the industry standard for training and skill validation for precision manufacturing jobs. Its mission is to build and enhance the level of talent throughout industry by ensuring the highest quality, relevant, and efficient training.

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