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Register Now for the National Career Development Summit

The Coalition for Career Development (CCD) is holding a National Career Development Summit in Washington D.C. on September 12th, 2018. Amatrol is one of the founding sponsors of the CCD and Amatrol CEO Paul Perkins will lead a session at the summit, as will Governors, Congressional leaders, prominent CEOs, and educators.

If you’d like to attend the National Career Development Summit, you can register here.

This summit is committed to, “designing a plan to make career readiness a central priority in our national education system.” The National Career Development Summit will allow participants to, “take part in facilitated breakout sessions, where they will be encouraged to share their suggestions in small-group settings.”

About the Coalition for Career Development:

The Coalition for Career Development is committed to making career readiness a central focus of American education. We believe that providing all learners with high-quality career development would greatly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our education and workforce development systems, better meet the needs of employers for a skilled workforce, elevate the dignity of all work and help more young people achieve the American Dream.

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