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Amatrol’s eLearning on Kindle Fire tablets!

Amatrol’s eLearning is now compatible with Kindle Fire tablets running OS 2.2 or higher through Amatrol’s Mobile eLearning app! Instructors now have an inexpensive tablet option for their students to access Amatrol’s interactive eLearning on Kindle Fire.

Complete Learning Management

  • Send Activation Codes through email
  • Register students
  • Monitor student participation
  • Track student completion
  • Pre-Assess learner knowledge
  • Test knowledge levels
  • Easily transfer information to other systems
  • Access Amatrol’s complete course catalog

Our new Learning Management System allows the administrator to access courses, view reporting features, manage users and privileges, manage activation codes, build custom courses, and send demo setups. Along with these features the reporting features allow instructors to easily monitor and track learner progress and assess their level of understanding of the skills completed. Testing is tied directly to objectives, enabling quick identification of where additional study is needed. Pre-Quizzes allow assessment before a module is used.

To find out more information about our new Learning Management System and our new eLearning contact us today!

The Kindle Fire joins specified Windows tablets, iPads, Google Nexus tablets, and more!

Amatrol’s Mobile eLearning app is available for free in the Amazon store, Google Play, and iTunes.

To learn more about Amatrol’s Mobile App, please visit our Mobile eLearning App page.

eLearning on Kindle Fire tablets!


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