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Solar Thermal Installation eLearning | Tubing and Piping Assembly Training

Model Name: Solar Thermal Installation Multimedia

Model Number: M20103

Learning Topics

  • Mechanical Installation
  • Fluid System Installation
  • Electrical Installation
  • Copper Tubing
  • PVC Piping
  • Soldering
  • Solar Collectors
  • Differential Controllers
  • Centrifugal Pumps
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Solar Storage Tanks
  • Expansion Tanks
  • Control Valves
  • Pressure/Temperature Valves
  • Instrumentation

Solar thermal installation eLearning teaches how to install solar thermal applications, emphasizing working with copper tubing, considerations in tubing installation, plastic pipe assembly, and installation of the key electrical, mechanical, and fluid systems. Focuses on the preparation needed for success, key skills required like soldering and brazing, tubing selection and insulation, and plastic pipe specifications and installation.

What is Solar Thermal Copper Tubing?

Copper tubing is available in two types: copper water tubing, and air-conditioning and refrigeration tubing. Copper water tubing is the type used in solar thermal systems. It is available in hard (drawn) straight lengths or in soft (annealed) coils. Sizes range from 1/4 inch to 12 inches in diameter, which 3/4 inch the most commonly used size. Soft tubing can be easily bent to shape, which eliminates the need for fittings to change direction and reduces the potential for leaks. Hard tubing is not bent but uses fittings to change direction. Hard tubing is more desirable than soft tubing because it is easier to work with. Hard copper tubing is usually used in new construction, where it is easy to access the interior of walls to install the tubing. Soft copper tubing is commonly used where flexibility is needed, such as connecting to a faucet or during repair work where it can be bent around an obstruction.

Solar Thermal Installation eLearning Features Engaging Multimedia

Amatrol’s extensive, thorough multimedia covers green energy themes such as solar thermal installation. Interactive screens paired with instructive graphics teach an array of solar thermal installation topics from tubing installation to plastic pipe assembly. With the optional hardware, learners can then apply this theoretical knowledge to immediate hands-on skills. For example, learners study pipe preparation and then manually cut and prepare plastic pipe for practice. This combination of theory and practice ingrains concepts in a learner’s mind and makes more advanced topics easier to comprehend. (References 950-STF1)

Key Features

  • Strong Depth and Breadth of Content
  • Engaging Interactions
  • Stunning 3D Animations
  • Text and Audio
  • Built for Self-Paced Learning

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