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Fanuc 200iD/4S Robot Integration to Amatrol Mechatronics

Model Name: Fanuc 200iD/4S Robot Integration to Amatrol Mechatronics

Model Number: 87-500F

The Fanuc 200iD/4S Robot Integration to Amatrol Mechatronics (87-500F) allows customers to use a FANUC industrial robot with Amatrol’s 870-series mechatronics stations. This package contains a module enclosure that includes PLC and FANUC interface cables along with a customized program to integrate a customer-supplied FANUC robot with the mechatronics system. Additional features include customized gripper tooling and a safety guard assembly to protect learners.

The ability of an industrial robot integration to Amatrol Mechatronic Learning Systems creates an unmatched training opportunity for learners. Using industry standard components, Amatrol’s 870-series teaches a broad array of job-ready skills in integrated technologies across a balance of areas, including mechanical, electrical, electronics, fluid power, and programming. With the addition of a FANUC robot, no other mechatronics system offers this level of real-world applications.

Additional Requirements

  • Servo Robot Assembly Station (87-MS5-C1)
  • Amatrol Factory Installation (90-START-4.1) - Must be installed by Amatrol Factory Technician on-site at customer location
  • Functional FANUC LR-Mate 200iC Standard Series Robot
  • FANUC Robot Certification Cart

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