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Advanced Pneumatics Training | Bearings, Motors and Cylinders

Model Name: Advanced Pneumatics Learning System

Model Number: 85-AP

Learning Topics

Amatrol’s Advanced Pneumatics training covers a diverse range of topics, such as how air bearings, pneumatic motors, and pneumatic cylinders are used to move loads; applications for vacuums such as food packaging, as well as how to measure vacuum levels; and a comprehensive look at air compressors, their components, and how to safely operate them. By taking the approach of melding theory and practice, Amatrol curriculum reinforces both, resulting in a learner that can calculate the theoretical lifting force of a vacuum cup and understand how to select the correct pneumatic motor for a specific task.

The 85-AP includes an orifice plate flow meter, quick exhaust valve, suction cup, vacuum generator, vacuum gauge, tubing kit, and weight set with various sizes. These industrial-grade components ensure that learners work with instruments they’d normally only see on the job, which helps them to gain confidence and experience. This commitment to providing real-world components is an example of the attention to quality and detail that’s made Amatrol the world’s leader in skills-based, interactive technical learning.

Practice Hands-On Advanced Pneumatic Skills with a Quick Exhaust Valve and More!

Learners can use the 85-AP to build hands-on pneumatic skills with real-world components like an orifice plate flow meter, quick exhaust valve, suction cup, vacuum generator, vacuum gauge, tubing kit (nylon, 2-ft., 0.125-in. OD x 0.015-in. thick), and a weight set with 1.0-lb., 0.75-lb., 0.5-lb., and 0.125-lb. weights. Examples of these skills include: selecting a cylinder mounting style for a given application, connecting and operating a vacuum generator, starting up and shutting down a small reciprocating piston air compressor, and many more!

World-Class Interactive Multimedia Pneumatic Curriculum

The Advanced Pneumatic Training System features a wide variety of pneumatic learning topics within the key areas of moving loads pneumatically, vacuum systems, and air compressors. Examples of topic within these areas include: pneumatic cylinder loads, cylinder applications, air bearings, vacuum systems and gauges, manometers, and reciprocating compressor systems. Amatrol provides this pneumatic curriculum in an attractive multimedia format. The 85-AP’s multimedia features interactive quizzes and exercises, stunning 3D graphics, and audio voiceovers of all of the text.

Amatrol’s Library of Pneumatic Options

In conjunction with the Basic (85-BP) and Intermediate (85-IP) Pneumatic Learning Systems, the 85-AP can be used on a tabletop work surface with a compressed air source or in a variety of comprehensive Amatrol fluid power systems. Learners can use the 85-AP with: Controls Technology – Basic Pneumatics (850-P1), which includes a tabletop workstation, hose and fittings package, and the 85-BP or the Controls Technology – Basic Pneumatics, Double Sided (850-PD1), which features a double-sided workstation and two (2) 85-BPs to double the amount of training possible without taking up additional classroom space. The 85-AP can also be used on Amatrol learning systems when both hydraulic and pneumatic training is necessary. The Basic Fluid Power Learning System (850-C1) features a workbench, 85-BP, and a Basic Hydraulics Learning System (85-BH). The combined basic fluid power learning system also has a double sided option (850-CD1).

Student Reference Guide

A sample copy of the Advanced Pneumatics Student Reference Guide is also included with the system for your evaluation. Sourced from the system’s multimedia curriculum, the Student Reference Guide takes the entire series’ technical content contained in the learning objectives and combines them into one perfect-bound book.

Key Features

  • Low-Cost
  • Self-Directed or Teacher Led Curriculum
  • Industrial Standard Components
  • Portable
  • Multimedia Curriculum Available
  • Student Reference Guide

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