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PLC Statement List Learning System - Siemens S7300 - 89-SL-S7300

Model Name: PLC Statement List Learning System - Siemens S7300

Model Number: 89-SL-S7300

Amatrol’s PLC Statement List Learning System – Siemens S7300 (89-SL-S7300) adds to either the PLC Troubleshooting Learning System – Siemens S7312 (890-S7312B) or the PLC Troubleshooting Learning System – Siemens S7315 (890-S7315B).

The Statement List training system provides an introduction to the Siemens Statement List (SLT) programming language, which is one of the three programming languages available in the basic STEP 7 software package. STL is the native language of Siemens S7-300 and S7-400 processors. Users will learn the basic layout of the Program Editor in STL view, how to convert between STL and Ladder Logic (LAD) views, how to view information in a large project, how to monitor an STL block, and how to edit an STL network.

The Statement List training system includes a student learning activity packet set, instructor’s guide, and a student reference guide. The curriculum is also available in an optional eBook format.

Key Features

  • Introduction to Statement List (STL) Programming Language
  • Student Learning Activity Packet Set
  • Instructor's Guide
  • Student Reference Guide

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