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Industrial Motor Training | Hands-On Alternators & Synchronous Motor Skills

Model Name: Alternator / Synchronous Motor Learning System

Model Number: 85-MT2C

Learning Topics

Amatrol’s Alternator / Synchronous Motor Learning System (85-MT2C) adds to Basic Electrical Machines Learning (85-MT2) to teach skills related to alternators and synchronous motors commonly found in industrial applications. Alternators provide a mobile source of AC electrical power while synchronous motors reduce power costs by correcting the overall power factor in a plant. Learners study industry-relevant skills in industrial motor training, including how to operate, install, and analyze the performance of alternators and synchronous motors.

The alternator and synchronous motor training system includes capacitive load, combination synchronous motor/alternator, and synchronizing lights/switch units. The capacitive load unit combines with the industrial motor training system (85-MT2) to provide operation under various types of loads. In addition to industrial components, this training system includes in-depth curriculum, an instructor’s guide, and a student reference guide. The highly-interactive, multimedia curriculum covers major topical areas such as alternator output voltage and frequency, three dark synchronization method, and reversing a synchronous motor.

Real-World Alternator / Synchronous Motor Skill-Building with Industrial Components

The alternator / synchronous motor training system provides a variety of industrial components for skill-building, including a capacitive load unit, a synchronizing switch and light unit, and a 1/3 Hp alternator / synchronous motor. Learners will use these components to build hands-on electrical machine skills, such as connecting and operating a rotating armature type alternator, controlling the frequency of an alternator, synchronizing an alternator to the line using three dark method, connecting and operating a synchronous motor, and operating a synchronous motor with lagging, unity, and leading power factor.

In-Depth Multimedia Curriculum

This industrial motors training system offers Amatrol’s in-depth multimedia curriculum that covers all of the topics that learners need to grasp theoretical concepts about alternators and synchronous motors. As an example of what’s covered, learners will study how single-phase power is produced, how to synchronize alternators using two bright, one dark method, and how the DC field excitation level affects synchronous motor operation. This learning system’s curriculum is presented in a multimedia format that features video, audio voiceovers, 3D animations, and interactive quizzes and activities.

Additional Electrical Machine Training

The alternators and synchronous motors training system is just one option for electrical machine training from Amatrol. Other options to add onto the Basic Electrical Machines (85-MT2) include DC Generators (85-MT2B) and Wound Rotor Motor (85-MT2D). The DC generators training includes a restrictive load unit and an inductive load unit to cover topics like performance measurement, performance analysis, and DC series, shunt, and compound generators. The wound rotor motor training includes a wound rotor controller and motor to cover topics such as speed controllers, motor reversing, and performance analysis and measurement.

Student Reference Guide

A sample copy of the Rotating Electrical Machines Student Reference Guide is included with this learning system. Sourced from the system’s curriculum, the Student Reference Guide takes the entire series’ technical content contained in the learning objectives and combines them into one perfectly-bound book. Student Reference Guides supplement this course by providing a condensed, inexpensive reference tool that learners will find invaluable once they finish their training making it the perfect course takeaway.

Key Features

  • Three phase power
  • Synchronous 1/3 HP motor-alternator
  • Synchronizing switch/lights combination unit
  • Capacitive load unit ranging from 1 micro-Farad to 20 micro-Farad
  • Multimedia Curriculum

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