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Model Name: Mechanical Fabrication 2 Learning System

Model Number: 96-MPF2

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Amatrol’s Mechanical Fabrication 2 Learning System (96-MPF2) adds to Mechanical Fabrication 1 to expand a learner’s knowledge of hand tools. This Mechanical Fabrication training system covers more sophisticated assembly training and components including fasteners, torque wrenches, power tools, and many more. This hand tools training system expands on basic hand tools used in assembly.

This basic hand tools training system includes a bench vise, torque wrench, cordless drill, dead blow hammer, needle nose pliers, and more. Learners use these real-world components to practice skills like using a vise to hold parts during assembly, performing an assembly task with pliers, and using a twisted safety wire to lock a nut. This assembly skills training system also includes interactive multimedia curriculum, an instructor’s assessment guide, an installation guide, and a student reference guide.

Gain Hands-On Fabrication Skills Like Using a Portable Drill to Tighten Fasteners

This hands-on training system allows learners to practice installing a snap ring, using a dead blow hammer to perform an assembly task, assembling two parts using a key fastener, and using a torque wrench and backup wrench to tighten fasteners.

Safety Emphasized at All Levels

This system teaches proper fabrication techniques as well as focuses on the importance of safety in using these techniques. It can be easy to be injured and/or break a tool if the tool is used improperly. The curriculum emphasizes safety rules and step-by-step tutorials to ensure the safety of learners and proper usage of tools.

Highly-Interactive Multimedia Covers Topics Like The Operation of Cotter Pins

Mechanical Fabrication 2 Multimedia Courseware (M12245)

The Mechanical Fabrication training course is presented in an interactive multimedia format for both theory and hands-on tutorials and features text, video, 3D animations, online self-review tests, and interactive simulations. Within this curriculum, learners study topics like the construction and operation of pliers, the operation and installation of a snap ring, and the operation of clevis, taper, shear, and slotted spring pins.

Student Reference Guide

This training system includes a Mechanical Fabrication 2 Student Reference Guide. Sourced from the system’s multimedia curriculum, the Student Reference Guide takes the entire series’ technical content contained in the learning objectives and combines them into one perfectly-bound book. Student Reference Guides supplement this course by providing a condensed, inexpensive reference tool that learners will find invaluable once they finish their training making it the perfect course takeaway.

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