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FaultPro 4.0 USB Interface Upgrade Kit for 890-PECA

Model Name: FaultPro 4.0 USB Interface Upgrade Kit for 890-PECA

Model Number: 22067

This system upgrades the Tabletop PLC Training System’s (890-PECA) FaultPro software and equipment to FaultPro 4.0 compatibility. This system will upgrade previous Kontron card and ribbon cable connection to USB. This upgrade kit requires Amatrol’s 890-PECA with installed FaultPro Troubleshooting equipment, a computer with USB interface, and A/C power.

This system includes 890-PECA to 890-PECB hardware interface, a USB to ribbon cable interface unit, USB cable for PC connection, two ribbon cables, FaultPro 4.0 software and templates, a student quick reference, and a FaultPro 4.0 user and installation guide.

Additional Requirements

  • Programmable Controller Troubleshooting Learning System (890-PECA)
  • Computer: See requirements

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