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FaultPro 4.0 Upgrade | Software Only (40458)

Model Name: FaultPro 4.0 Software Only Upgrade

Model Number: 40458

This system provides FaultPro software only for Amatrol models with an installed USB FaultPro interface, which applies to FaultPro software issued prior to 6/1/2012. Applicable product models include:

This system includes FaultPro 4.0 upgrade software and templates, student quick reference, and FaultPro 4.0 user and installation guide.

What is FaultPro?

Amatrol’s FaultPro computer-based fault insertion software is the industry’s only electronic troubleshooting training system. FaultPro allows instructors to instantly set and tailor faults to test a student’s weaknesses and turn them into strengths. The troubleshooting skills taught by FaultPro allow students to solve real-world problems they’ll encounter on the job. FaultPro inserts electronic faults safely, protecting both students and equipment from incurring any damage.

Grading Made Easy Using Amatrol’s FaultPro 4.0 Upgrade Software

FaultPro allows instructors to customize grading rubrics using two grading methods: numeric grading and mastery grading. Numeric grading will provide a 0-4 scale based on the number of tries and the amount of time a student takes to troubleshoot a fault. Mastery grading is a pass/fail option based on the number of tries a student attempts on a fault.

Additional Requirements

  • Applies to FaultPro software issued prior to 6/1/2012. Requires Amatrol equipment with currently installed FaultPro Troubleshooting USB interface, computer with USB interface, and A/C power.
  • Computer: See requirements

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