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PLC Data Highway eBook Courseware for Allen-Bradley SLC500 PLCs

Model Name: PLC Data Highway eBook Courseware for Allen-Bradley SLC500 PLCs

Model Number: E40632

Learning Topics

  • Data Highway Installation
  • Data Highway Configuration
  • Data Highway Operation
  • Data Highway Programming
  • Program Transfer
  • Network Testing

The model SLC500 Data Highway DH-485 eBook covers the SLC500 Data Highway DH-485 network applications. Learners will practice interfacing two or more SLC500 PLCs to a Data Highway network to transfer programs and data between them and a PC. This eBook is the online curriculum for the 89-DH-AB500, which includes (2) SLC500 Data Highway Network Interface units, PC Serial-to-Data Highway Interface module, cable set, and student learning materials for theory and lab.

SLC500 Data Highway DH-485 Online eBook

As an online option to the Learning Activity Packets (LAPs) Amatrol’s eBooks look like a real book and allow users to flip between pages with ease. Enhanced with features, such as keyword searches and zoom controls, that enable a user to quickly locate and view information make these eBooks a great learning tool. Available online through Amatrol’s Learning Management System (LMS), this comprehensive curriculum advances learners’ understanding of concepts at the click of a button. High quality graphics paired with hands-on, applied skills keep learners focused and engaged in their work. Amatrol’s eBooks allow courses to be taken completely online anywhere with an internet connection!


Key Features

  • Strong Depth and Breadth of Content
  • Built for Self-Paced Learning
  • Easy, Quick Navigation
  • Searchable Course Content

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