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CNC Machine Operator Program - FANUC Based Interface

Model Name: CNC Machine Operator Program - FANUC Based Interface

Model Number: 950-CNCOP1

Learning Topics

  • Basic and advanced measurement
  • Print reading
  • Drawing types
  • Multi-view drawings
  • Dimensioning
  • Fundamentals of GD&T
  • Assembly tolerances
  • Precision measurement tools
  • Machine tool safety
  • Manual milling
  • Identify the components of a CNC machine operator panel
  • G-Codes
  • M-Codes
  • Jog a CNC Machine
  • Manual pulse generator
  • Set the CNC work offsets
  • Set the CNC tool offsets
  • Locate and load a CNC program
  • Troubleshooting
  • Basic statistical concepts

Finding qualified CNC machine operators is a challenge for any manufacturing organization. How do you know someone can do the job? Delivering consistent product quality when multiple people are involved, often in different locations, is also a big challenge. Experience in operating a CNC machine does not equate to consistent skills or approaches, which often shows up in higher warranty and repair costs. When combined with the often larger issue of just not enough CNC machine operators to fill open jobs, business suffers.

NIMS is leading the charge in developing solutions for these very real issues. NIMS has developed two popular CNC machine operator certifications — CNC Mill Operations and CNC Lathe Operations — that provide proof of an individual’s ability to perform the job. NIMS credentials are portable recommendations that a person can perform the work of CNC machine operators, according to recognized national standards that have been validated by industry.

NIMS-Endorsed Online Training for Certification Preparation

NIMS (National Institute for Metalworking Skills) endorses Amatrol’s CNC Machine Operator Program -FANUC Based Interface (950-CNCOP1) exclusively as the recommended preparation method for the NIMS CNC Machine Operator Certification. NIMS provides national standards for metalworking, and has created more than 60 stackable certifications in specific technical areas, including Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM); Diemaking; Machine Maintenance, Service and Repair; Metalforming; Press Brake; Screw Machining; and Stamping.

The training that NIMS recommends for these certifications, offered by Amatrol, is computer-based, making it easily deliverable to students everywhere.

CNC Machine Operators require skills in operating a CNC machine, but are not machinists. Through industry task analysis as well as strong involvement with our development partner, a large global manufacturer, Amatrol’s CNC Machine Operator Program brings a highly-focused, streamlined set of skills to CNC Machine Operator (FANUC) training. Many training programs for CNC Machine Operators use training really designed for machinists, which incorporates a lot of theory not relevant to their real-world role. For example, CNC machine operators need to know how to run a CNC program – not how to design one.

Amatrol recommends the CNC Machine Operator Program Instructor Training (95-TRAIN) and SkillTrace Learning Management System (94-ST1). Certification registration and testing is available at

Key Features

  • Nationally Recognized Certification
  • Strong STEM Development
  • 24 Self-paced Learning Units
  • 132 Skills, 80+ Hours of Learning
  • Instructor's Guide with Authentic Skill Assessments
  • OJT (On-The-Job Training) Guide
  • Highly Interactive Exercises

Product Options

  • CNC Machine Operator Program Instructor Training

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