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Air Gauges Training Course | Industrial Quality Assurance Training

Model Name: Air Gauges Multimedia Courseware

Model Number: WXMT209

Learning Topics

  • Air Gauging Operation
  • History of Air Gauging
  • Types of Air Gauging Systems
  • Air Gauging Measurement Types
  • Major Components of an Edmunds Accusetter Air Gauge
  • Air Plug Components
  • Measurement Console Components
  • How an Air Gauge Takes a Measurement
  • How to Calibrate an Accusetter Air Gauge

Amatrol’s Air Gauges Multimedia Courseware (WXMT209) focuses on air gauging, including the history of air gauging, air gauge operation, types of air gauges, and more. This quality assurance training course covers topics like: components of an Edmunds Accusetter air gauge, components of an air plug, components of a measurement console, how an air gauge takes a measurement, and how to calibrate an Accusetter air gauge.

What is Air Gauging?

Air gauging is a non-contact inspection technique that measures the size and shape of parts that can be easily damage, or are difficult to inspect. Air gauging is the best choice for inspecting soft, highly-polished, thin-walled, or delicate materials because there is always a cushion of air between the part and the nozzle. It also relies on the laws of physics, which state that pressure is inversely proportional to the clearance between an outlet for pressurized air and an obstruction.

Air Gauge Multimedia Courseware Prepares Students for Real-World Jobs

Like a typical classroom setting, learners interested in air gauge training begin their learning quest by getting an introduction to air gauging. After defining air gauges, and providing a brief history of it, Amatrol’s online curriculum uses a competency-based approach to gradually layer in increasing depth. By using this proven instructional design technique, learners will not only stay more engaged in their lessons, but will also have better retention rates of what they just learned.

Air gauges focuses on the types and uses, components, accessories, and best practices for using the equipment.

Multimedia Curriculum Features for Industrial Training

Amatrol’s peerless interactive multimedia curriculum utilizes text with voiceovers, pictures, videos, stunning 3D animations, and interactive quizzes and reviews that engage learners in theoretical knowledge and concepts. This thorough, detailed curriculum begins with the basics and advances to complex concepts. Through partnerships with key industry leaders and leading educators, Amatrol developed the right balance of knowledge to train learners to work in their chosen field.

Key Features

  • Strong Depth and Breadth of Content
  • Engaging Interactions
  • Stunning 3D Animations
  • Text and Audio
  • Built for Self-Paced Learning

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